Winnipeg is in store for some sun after a couple of chilly, wet days.


After a few wet, cold days, Winnipeg is expected to brighten and warm up through the week. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

After morning lows of 1 C in Russell, 2 C in Roblin and Lynn Lake, and 8 C in Winnipeg Tuesday morning, temperatures are expected to rise steadily through the week.

CBC's meterologist John Sauder said Tuesday should brighten up into the afternoon and reach 18 C in Winnipeg. 

"Over the next couple of days, an opportunity to wear the sunglasses, get the lawn cut or just get outside and enjoy, I'm expecting sunny highs of 24 C on Wednesday and 27 C on Thursday," said Sauder.

"I'm also tracking some showers or thunderstorms Friday early in the day."

Seasonal daytime highs are 23 C for this time of the year, and temperatures are expected to stay near or above that right through the weekend.