Some people are spooked after a rash of thefts occurred in West Broadway this week.

Kinsey Lysy is one of those to suffer at the hands of a group of thieves that ransacked the Spence Street and Balmoral Avenue-area Tuesday night.

Lysy’s $700 canoe was snatched from the top of her truck.

She said some of her neighbours were also affected, several losing barbecues to the thieves, while another had a $600 bicycle stolen.

Kinsey Lysy

Kinsey Lysy had her $700 canoe snatched from the top of her truck in the West Broadway area. (CBC)

One of her neighbours even had an old vacuum in their yard taken.

“It wasn't even a good vacuum, she just had it outside and they took that, too," she said.

One of Lysy's neighbours said they saw a minivan with four people in it do a sweep of Spence St.

"There was a minivan that stole from everybody pretty much along this strip on the back lane," said Lysy, who has since filed a report with police.

"We're not bad people," she said. "I know this is, like, West Broadway, but … we're trying to make this a nice area to live."

Police said the investigation is ongoing and put out a warning earlier in the week following a spike in vehicle break-ins.