A Manitoba woman who has been lauded for her addictions counselling work is now facing weapons and drugs charges.

Daniela Conci was nominated for a Women of Distinction Award in 2012 for her work with those struggling with addiction.

Conci was a former addict who counselled women at the Main Street Project and Destiny House. Her peers have lauded her accomplishments -- crediting her with saving hundreds of women’s lives.

When she was nominated for the award, Conci said getting sober was one of her main accomplishments in life and it fueled her passion to help others.

But on Monday, Conci was arrested. Police raided a home on Plaza Drive and arrested Conci and a 36-year-old man. Both are now facing a slew of drug and weapons charges.

Ian Rabb founded Two Ten Recovery in Winnipeg and hired Conci to work at one of his facilities. She decided to leave her job there about a year and a half ago, he said.

Rabb said it’s not unusual for people with addictions to return to familiar lifestyles.

"When people get disconnected with recovery, the majority of them ultimately end up in trouble with the law, entering recovery and treatment centres," said Rabb. "So this is not an abnormal situation."

Rabb said he hasn’t talked to Conci since the incident but said typically it is difficult for women to get help with addictions. The wait list at the Addictions Foundation can be two to three months long.