Weather turns a cold shoulder on Manitoba

From glorious to gloomy is the best way to describe Winnipeg's weather this week.
Dylan Zalischuk makes the most of the Mother's Day snow in Dauphin. (Dauphin Tourism/Facebook)

From glorious to gloomy is the best way to describe Winnipeg's weather this week.

After a magnificent weekend with temperatures hitting 23 C on Saturday and 21 C on Sunday, the temperature is going to only struggle to a high of 8 C Monday, just 7 C on Tuesday and a miserable 6 C on Wednesday.

Drivers line up to get out of Riding Mountain National Park on Sunday. (Dauphin Fire Department)
And it will be capped off with rain and wind. About 10-15 millimetres is expected to fall Monday while Tuesday will bring more rain, along with winds gusting to 50 km/h.

The sun returns Wednesday but will forget to bring the heat along for the ride.

The cool weather started rushing into Winnipeg Sunday evening, when the temperature sunk from 16 C to 6 C between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Still, it was downright summery compared to Dauphin and the Riding Mountain National Park area, where people were forced to welcome back winter. A blanket of snow covered the area Sunday evening, leaving many lining up to get out of the park region before highways became too slippery.

The sun and warmth will return there and for Winnipeg by next weekend with highs around 18 C.

But that’s still below the normal high of 19 C for this time of year.