A jury in Brandon has heard radio broadcasts from the early morning of December 21, 2001, when RCMP Constable Dennis Strongquill was shot.

The biggest crowd yet packed the Brandon courtroom to hear the slain Mountie's former partner describe what happened the night the RCMP officer was shot to death.

Earlier in the trial, the prosecution gave the jury a preview of what they say happened the day the officer was shot. The Crown says Auger was driving the RCMP cruiser, and Strongquill was in the passenger seat. They pulled over a truck on the highway outside Russell. Someone inside the truck opened fire.

The officers retreated with the truck in pursuit. Outside the RCMP detachment in Russell, the jury has heard the officers were shot at again. Auger managed to get out of the cruiser and shoot back. Strongquill was trapped inside. He died from several gunshot wounds.

On the tape heard Monday, Strongquill and his partner, RCMP Const. Brian Auger, can be heard speaking with a police operator.

"We're being shot at, guys, we're being shot at," says Strongquill. "You hear that? They're still shooting us."

Later in the broadcast, Auger says he's taking Strongquill to the hospital.

    AUGER: 10-4, we're going right to the, ah, hospital.
    OPERATOR: 10-4, so you've got him. You're heading to the hospital.
    AUGER: Well, I can't … Ah, you getter get somebody here quick.
    OPERATOR: 10-4, ambulance is on the way. Which member is down?
    AUGER: Strongquill.
    OPERATOR: Injuries?
    AUGER: I believe he's down. One member down.

As the tape was broadcast in court, several members of the Strongquill family wept.

Monday afternoon, Const. Auger will describe in his own words what happened the night his partner was shot.

Robert Sand and Laurie Bell are charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges.