A massive watermain break in Winnipeg flooded two blocks of a Charleswood street in ice and slush on Sunday night.

Watermain break

Crews work to repair a watermain break on Laxdal Road on Monday. The ditches are full of ice from the water that flooded the street Sunday night. (Angela Johnston/CBC)

‚ÄčThe break happened on Laxdal Road, spreading water from Brittany Drive to Ridgewood Avenue. Some homeowners frantically shovelled water away from their houses while others reported water seeping into their basements.

"My neighbour right next door to me, he actually carried his wife to the house 'cause there was so much water, she couldn't walk through it," said Andrew Fast, who had water seeping into his basement.

By Monday morning, the water had receded from the yards into ditches in the area.

A water trailer with an emergency supply has been parked in the street for residents, who must brave the freezing temperatures to get their water.

Sixteen homes are without water service but crews expect to have the break repaired before the end of Monday.

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