A big water main break caused traffic headaches for homeowners and motorists heading home along Logan Avenue at Keewatin Street on Monday afternoon.

The break flooded Logan between Keewatin and Worth streets during the rush hour.

As crews arrived at the scene, trying to contain the situation, more and more water was spilling onto the road, the CBC's Trevor Dineen reported at 4:30 p.m.

"It's a mini-lake out here; about a foot deep in some areas," Dineen said.

Steam that rose from the spilled water reduced visibility for people trying to drive through it, he added.

As well, some vehicles were seen sliding on ice that was starting to form on the flooded street.

'My heart sunk,' says resident

While the roads were cleared by Monday night, back lanes still had about a foot of water that was starting to freeze over.

It's through the back lanes that area residents access their homes, and most of them could not make it through the flooded mess.

Logan Avenue water main repair

A City of Winnipeg crew works on fixing a water main break at Logan Avenue at Keewatin Street on Monday afternoon. (Andy Blacklaw)

"My heart sunk the minute I saw it," said Andrew Stewart, whose front yard is next to the location where the pipe burst.

"I watched the water bubble up through my yard. I see the main over there, the water; all the mud that's in my yard, I mean, that's from under the ground."

From there, the water gushed across his side yard, flooding Stewart's back yard and garage along with his neighbours' yards and garages.

City crews worked throughout the evening to repair the main and clean up the flooding. By 7 p.m., they were able to restore water service for residents overnight.

"The workers were working hard out there. It must have been pretty cold, though," said Andrew Blacklaw, whose yard was flooded.