In an effort to get more voters out to the ballot box, a special project has been launched to encourage people to look past their cynicism and VoteAnyWay.

In an average election, only about one-third of Canadians aged 18 to 25 casts a ballot, according to the organizers of VoteAnyWay, the U2011 project (

"VoteAnyWay means choosing to take part in the Manitoba election despite all of the cynicism surrounding the role of young people in politics," states the group's website.

"VoteAnyWay also means voting any way that you choose. Organized by political scientists and students at the University of Manitoba, this initiative is entirely non-partisan. We simply want to raise the level of awareness and knowledge about politics in this province."

As an incentive, the U2011 project is sponsoring a public service announcement contest, open to all Manitoba residents under the age of 25. It urges them to put their movie-making talents to the test by designing Manitoba's most effective youth voting advertisement … in 29 seconds or less.

They've also recruited some Manitoba personalities to put their own messages together and get people to vote — any way.