Volunteers in Brandon, Man., have stepped up to help their neighbours as the threat of flooding grows.

Ryan Warniski, 14, who skipped football practice to sling sandbags on Wednesday, said he will likely volunteer again to help out — but not before "I go home, have a bath and then take a rest."

At the Brandon Canad Inns, they have stored all the perishable food of a rival company that had to close because of the flood.

"Well, they are competitors [but] we are also friends, too, and we will just help out where we can," hotel manager Charlene Harris said.

Greg Wood's computer company has donated equipment so that evacuees can get in touch with friends and family.

"We were just sitting there going, 'You know, what would happen if we were in this situation,'" he told CBC News. "We'd have any number of people we'd want to notify."