Virden fire considered suspicious

A massive fire in Virden on the weekend is being considered suspicious.
Fire rips through the Tru Hardware store in Virden, Man., on Sunday. (Facebook)

A massive fire in Virden, Man., over the weekend is being considered suspicious.

The fire consumed the Tru Hardware business as well as a four-unit seniors' complex early Sunday morning and caused extensive damage to a neighbouring government office.

Fire chief Brad Yochim said there was also another fire in a nearby store at the same time.

While there was no serious damage in that fire, Yochim says he believes the two are related.

"We do have some eyewitnesses that reported some people in the area at the time," he said Monday.

"The big flag for us is that we had two different fires at two different locations at the same time. And that right away tells us that we possibly have someone lighting these fires."

No one was injured.