Drummers and singers performed at a vigil Tuesday night near a Winnipeg rooming house that was the scene of a double homicide.

Unice and Trevor

The bodies as Unice Ophelia Crow, 19, and Trevor James Sinclair, 31, were found inside a Wolseley rooming house in September. (CBC)

"We want Trevor to know that we will never ever forget him. We want Unice to know that we will never ever forget her," said Black Wolf Hart Bellecourt, the brother of Trevor Sinclair, who was killed in the Chestnut Street home.

The bodies of Sinclair, 31, and his common-law wife Unice Ophelia Crow, 19, ​were found inside a suite in the Wolseley neighbourhood home on Sept. 4, 2013.

On Monday this week, police announced a 44-year-old man from Regina had been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Jeffrey James Kionke was arrested Feb. 5 in Regina and transported back to Winnipeg.

The cause of death for both has been determined to be multiple stab wounds to the upper body, police said.

"It's been very emotional dealing with the loss of Trevor. It happened last summer but we still don't ever forget him," said Bellecourt, noting Sinclair was traditional pipe carrier and sundancer at aboriginal ceremonies.

A vigil is the best way to remember and honour him, Bellecourt said.

About 30 friends, family, and even some neighbours on Chestnut Street gathered on the street Tuesday night.

They lit candles, burned sage, and held photographs of Crow and Sinclair.

"A lot of people were here tonight. It was overwhelming support. It felt so good to see all these people here," Bellecourt said.