A Silent Witness Project Memorial was held in Winnipeg Wednesday to remember women who weren’t able to make it out of a violent relationship.

The Family Violence Consortium of Manitoba puts on the event each year in an attempt to raise awareness and help other women escape domestic violence.


The Silent Witness Project Memorial in Winnipeg featured red silhouettes representing women who had been murdered by their partner. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

The memorial featured silhouettes representing women who were murdered by their partner. One of the silhouettes represents Debbie Scromeda’s daughter Shannon.

"Last year, April 19, was five years since I lost my daughter," said Scromeda.

"Here she is being represented and has a voice in me, her mother."

Scromeda was 25 when she was murdered by her boyfriend in 2008. She left behind a young son.

'My world changed. It changed in an instant.' —Debbie Scromeda, mother of a victim of domestic violence

"My world changed. It changed in an instant," said Scromeda.

Glenda Dean of the Family Violence Consortium of Manitoba said events like Wednesday’s help bring the issue to the forefront.

"The problem is not going away," said Dean.

"Many women still live in silence hiding domestic violence, and we hope to eliminate that."

For that to happen, Scromeda said the government needs to step in.

"We need to find funds. We need to help women get treatment, help kids have a place to go," she said.

The memorial event coincides with National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, which runs until Saturday.