A Winnipeg man who testified that a police officer shot him in 2007 was arrested as soon as his testimony finished.

Kristofer Fournier told a Winnipeg court on Tuesday about the circumstances around him being shot in the buttocks by a police officer in July 2007.

Const. Darrel Selley is on trial on seven charges, including one count of attempted murder, in connection with the shooting. Selley's partner, Const. Kristopher Overwater, is charged with dangerous driving and is accused of helping Selley fabricate evidence. Their trial began Monday in Winnipeg.

Fournier was arrested by peace officers in the hallway as soon as his testimony concluded late in the afternoon.

His girlfriend appeared shocked as he was being taken into custody, the CBC's Nelly Gonzalez reported from the courthouse.

Hymie Weinstein, the lawyer representing the two police officers, said earlier on Tuesday that Fournier would be arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Weinstein did not specify what the warrant was for.

According to police, in July 2007, the officers were pursuing an alleged armed robbery suspect driving a stolen sport-utility vehicle. A car chase ensued, with officers pursuing a man they incorrectly believed to be involved in the robbery.

The police cruiser and Fournier’s vehicle collided, and the officers chased Fournier on foot near Grant Avenue and Lindsay Street, where he was shot in the left body.

Admitted he was a drug dealer at the time

Fournier told the court he could hear the officers yelling, "Shoot him" before he was hit.

Fournier testified that he was a drug dealer at the time and was driving a stolen car when he was chased by the officers. He conceded that he was high on drugs at the time of the shooting and he made money by paying children to steal cars for him.

But Fournier said he has since turned his life around. He testified that he now works as a computer technician and he is in a stable relationship.

Fournier told the court that when he looks back to the day of the chase, he no longer recognizes the person he was.

But Hymie Weinstein, the lawyer representing the two police officers, challenged that notion, listing drug-related and car-theft-related convictions as recently as 2012.

Weinstein appeared agitated at some points during questioning. When he asked Fournier if he was high during the police chase, Fournier grinned.

"Do you find this funny?" asked Weinstein.

Fournier replied, "Yes, I do, because you're asking me if I was high."