Via Rail says a passenger train on its way to Churchill derailed Friday just outside Thompson, Man. 

A Via spokesperson said no one was injured. 

Omnitrax, which owns the track, confirmed Saturday that the line has been re-opened. 

The Via spokesperson said all of the passengers have been flown to Churchill.  

Via said it was one of two disruptions to its service Friday. 

The other incident happened at Dyce, north of The Pas. A passenger train carrying five people hit a piece of metal on the track, damaging the locomotive. 

The spokesperson said again, no one was injured. 

The train backed up to The Pas and the passengers were put on the bus to Thompson.

The piece of metal on the track also disrupted the south bound train. 

Passengers at Thompson were put on a bus to The Pas and from there, caught the train to Winnipeg.

She said people who were stranded in Thompson were offered a hotel room.

The spokesperson said it was a "hard day for our customers."