Residents of a Winnipeg street say they're fed up with a water main break that has been flooding their street and trapping cars on the road when the flood freezes up.

Ice comes halfway up the tires of some vehicles that have been frozen in place on St. John's Avenue in the city's North End.

"It's crazy because we see vehicles … left and right getting stuck here and they've been told, like, I don't know how many times," Valinda Hudson said Tuesday night.

"Last night there was a red car that was stuck like on the side of the road there, and it got towed…. You know, they're costing money."

Residents say they cannot believe how many cars have been stuck on their flooded, ice-covered street.

"I counted it — almost 20," said Cesar Vedua, who is frustrated that the problem has been going on for so long.

"I think it's almost a month," he said. "They repaired it but they don't finish it."

While $250 million in infrastructure spending for Winnipeg was announced on Wednesday, those who live on St. John's Avenue question the city's priorities when it comes to stopping the water main break on their street.

"I obviously want this car to, like, be away from the road and the ice and water all gone. I want my street back," Hudson said.

A number of water main breaks have caused problems for motorists and homeowners across the city, including a new one on Balmoral Street on Wednesday.

Water from the break has been running into drains, flooding the road and leaving big piles of ice on the road, surprising homeowners in the area.

City officials say crews are working to fix the water main breaks on Balmoral and St. John's Avenue, but they could not say when the work will be completed.