Someone is pilfering potatoes, lifting lettuce and taking tomatoes from the Riverview Community Garden, and gardeners are upset about it. Some have lost everything they planted. 

Annie Janzen said all her heritage striped zucchinis were stolen last week.
She said she had let them grow big, past the point where they are tasty to eat, since they were to supply her with seed for next year. 

"I was very sad, very sad," she said. "Because to me, there's no rhyme or reason why it was done." Janzen has gardened in the community plot for 20 years.

*I grow enough vegetables to last me all winter," she said. Then suddenly last week, everything vanished.

*When I came here one morning they were all gone. I feel sad that it happens, but I think, why does it happen?"

President of the Riverview Garden Society, Rod Kueneman, says that's what many of the gardeners who work the 85 allotments are asking.  He said there have been thefts in the past, but this year is the worst he's seen. 

"They took corn. They took tomatoes, squash, onions, cabbage," he said. "They just came through and cleaned them out." Kueneman said passersby might think the produce is free for the taking. But he also thinks it's a sign of the times, as people struggle with rising food prices.

"We've seen people with bags," he said. "I actually confronted a guy." Kueneman said in response to the thefts, signs will go up telling people it's a community garden and belongs to the gardeners.

"When someone comes and takes stuff, it's like a personal violation," he said. But he thinks veggies will continue to vanish as food becomes increasingly expensive.