Manitoba Public Insurance is finding creative ways to get the attention of people who owe the agency money.

The Crown corporation recently tapped into Facebook to make contact with a man who owes $9,600. To get his attention, it created a fake account with a steamy photo of a woman in a bikini.

When the man clicked on the message, it opened to reveal a summons to appear in court.

MPI had tried to reach the man for some time using traditional methods to deliver the summons, but could not locate him.

"We're dealing with a certain demographic, he's a young man and obviously this caught his attention," said MPI spokesman Brian Smiley.

"Had we sent a message reaching out to him with an MPI logo, I'd highly doubt that he would respond to us."

Smiley said the agency's legal department approved the tactic, saying it's perfectly legal — and usually works.

If a person owes MPI money, the insurer has the legal right to try and track down the person to collect, he added.

CBC News has attempted to contact the man for comment but has not been able to reach him.

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