Visitors to The Forks will eventually be able to pluck apples, pears, cherries, plums and other fruit from a new orchard, one of two urban gardening projects that has been planted at the downtown Winnipeg site.

The Forks unveiled the projects on Tuesday, including a public orchard consisting of fruit and nut trees and a garden that will sell its harvest to local restaurants.

The orchard has apple, pear, cherry, plum, fig, persimmon and lemon trees, as well as upward of 75 fruit-bearing shrubs, The Forks said in a news release.

Everything in the orchard will be available for locals and visitors to pick and take home, but officials noted that it will likely take four to five years for the trees to bear fruit.

"Over the next few years it will be interesting to see. People in the fall can come down and pick their own fruit," said Paul Jordan, the chief operating officer at The Forks.

The orchard started after 53 diseased choke-cherry trees were removed last spring, and a group called Winnipeg CORE (Community Orchards for Resources and Education) stepped in with an idea for the space.

The urban garden, located adjacent to the Inn at the Forks, was developed with the help of a local company called CitiGrow. The hotel will buy the garden's produce and herbs as part of a pilot project.

The projects are part of The Forks' Target Zero initiative, which aims to reduce the site's carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible.