The Delta Marsh field station, operated by the University of Manitoba's faculty of science since 1966, is shutting down for good.

The research facility on Lake Manitoba was hit by catastrophic flooding in the spring and damage was extensive.

A committee was struck to try to come up with a way to save the station.

But the university recently found out recently the property would no longer qualify for insurance.

"We were also then told that that damage, we could consider it to be not just a one time thing, but that given the weather patterns in the area that similar weather events and damage could be expected to occur in the future," said university spokeswoman Leah Janzen.

The university is now looking for ways to continue at least 10 ongoing research projects that had been connected to the field station.

Located on the south shore of Lake Manitoba, the facility bordered Delta Marsh, a game-bird refuge and wildlife protection area, about 24 kilometres north of Portage la Prairie.

The property is part of a designated game-bird refuge and wildlife protection area, most of which was designated in 1987 as an ecologically significant area.