A Winnipeg police officer investigates the scene where a moving truck crashed into a Portage Avenue restaurant on Wednesday afternoon. ((James Turner/CBC))

A Winnipeg motorist is in hospital after a moving truck he was driving slammed into a restaurant in Winnipeg at the start of Wednesday's afternoon rush hour. 

At about 4 p.m. CT, the driver of a medium-sized U-Haul moving van lost control and drove into the side of the Extreme Pita restaurant located at Portage Avenue and Balmoral Street, near the University of Winnipeg.


The U-Haul truck drove into the Extreme Pita restaurant, pushing everything along the interior wall inward. No employees were hurt, but the driver of the van is being treated in hospital. ((James Turner/CBC))

Police said he is in stable condition. They did not identify him or list his age.

The front end of the truck ended up poking through the crumbled brick wall, lodged partially behind the service counter of the restaurant. The floor was covered in debris and the cash register area of the counter was destroyed.

Employee Colby Deighton was working the grill at the time and the impact knocked him over, causing second-degree burns on his arm.

Deighton's mom, Laura, said the driver ran in to the restaurant right away to see if her son was okay. The driver appeared in shock but not hurt, she said.

There were no other injuries in the collision, police said.

Extreme Pita owner Rupesh Patel was in shock after arriving on the scene shortly after the crash. He said there would be a "huge loss" to his business because the restaurant will have to be closed while repairs are made.

"Right now we are kind of slow for another couple of days [but] then next week the university opens up again and people are back in the offices. So, that's a busy time of the year," Patel said.

Investigators closed off a portion of Balmoral Street for a few hours to investigate. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined, police said.

Laura Deighton, however, said police told her the U-Haul driver took the turn at Portage and Balmoral too quickly for the slippery road conditions.