A Filipino man working in rural Manitoba is grieving the deaths of 30 family members, including his grandmother, who were killed in Typhoon Haiyan.

Marvin Panglilingan of Neepawa, Man., initially learned that 45 family members were missing after the powerful storm hit central Philippines on Nov. 8.

Panglilingan said over the next few days, the terrible news started to trickle in about aunts, uncles and cousins dying in the typhoon.

His grandmother, who Panglilingan called "Mama" because she raised him, was also killed.

Marvin Panglilingan's grandmother

Marvin Panglilingan's grandmother, who he called 'Mama' because she raised him, was among 30 family members who died in Typhoon Haiyan and its aftermath. (Submitted by Marvin Panglilingan)

"It feels very hard for me to go on [with] my daily routineā€¦. You're carrying [a]

heavy burden," he told CBC News on Friday.

The deceased family members were buried in a mass grave with 200 other typhoon victims earlier this week.

Panglilingan is among 600 people from the Philippines who work at HyLife Foods' pork processing plant in Neepawa, located in western Manitoba.

Another employee, Kent Canasta, has been trying to contact his wife and two children in the Philippines since the typhoon struck.

The company has donated $20,000 to Philippine typhoon relief agencies and is offering loans to employees who want to fly back to their home country to be with families during this difficult time.

Panglilingan is flying to the Philippines on Friday night. When he arrives, he plans to hold a mass for the 30 relatives, including his grandmother, who died in the storm.

"I just wanted to go there and give an honour to all my relatives, especially Grandma," he said.