Two people have been arrested after RCMP raided multiple head shops in Winnipeg on Wednesday.

RCMP taped off one of The Joint’s locations in Winnipeg’s Old St. Vital neighbourhood around 11 a.m.

Winnipegger Sam Jacobs and his friend had just arrived at the store to shop when officers showed up.

Officers cleared out the shop shortly after, taking some employees out in handcuffs and seizing merchandise.

The retailer sells pipes and other smoking paraphernalia at three locations in Manitoba and another in Saskatchewan.

RCMP confirmed all of the shops were under investigation.

Brian Tavares manages a grocery store next door to The Joint on Pembina Highway. He said he’s glad the store was raided.

"They’re not exactly a positive influence on the community," said Tavares.

He said his employees and customers often smelled marijuana in the area.

"Our customers complain, sometimes get headaches," he added.

But Jacobs said he doesn’t think the raid will affect the sale of similar products in Winnipeg.

"As soon as they shut it down, someone is going to come up with something else, I’m sure," said Jacobs.

"They’ll find somewhere else to go, I’m sure."

The business has three locations in Winnipeg: one on St Mary’s Road, another on Marion Street and a third on Pembina Highway.

All were raided by RCMP and are now shut down, but officers aren’t saying why.

CBC News spoke with an employee who said there was no warning the raids were coming and when he showed up to open one of the shops this morning, cops were already on scene.

He asked not to be identified but added the owners invested a lot of money in merchandise that was seized.

RCMP did not say if the business's Saskatoon location was also being investigated.

More information on the raids is expected to come down tomorrow.