Two Manitoba triathletes to swim 22 km from Lac du Bonnet

Two Manitobans are hoping to swim 22 kilometers Saturday.

Tarren Gesell and Patrick Peacock set themselves personal challenge

Two triathletes jump into Winnipeg River in attempt to swim 22 km to golf course on Lac du Bonnet 0:35

Two Manitobans are hoping to swim 22 kilometers Saturday. 

Tarren Gesell with his wife Kim Babij-Gesell as he prepares to get into the water at the docks at Lac du Bonnet Saturday. (Jacques Marcoux/CBC)
​Tarren Gesell and Patrick Peacock are triathletes.

They have set themselves the challenge of swimming from the docks in Lac du Bonnet to the Granite Hills Golf Course on the lake the town is named after. 

Two Manitoba triathletes are planning to swim from Lac du Bonnet to Granite Hills Golf Course Saturday, a trip that would take 40 minutes by road. (Google Maps)
The photos are supplied by CBC's Jacques Marcoux who swam Lake Winnipeg with Peacock back in 2011. 

He said the triathletes think it will take them about six hours to reach the golf course and it won't be an easy swim because the current on the Winnipeg River is strong due to high water.

The swimmers started at 10 a.m. but by 4:30 p.m. they were still a few kilometers from the golf course.

Marcoux said "with all the zig and zagging due to the current, the swim is more like 23 or 24 km," and the swimmers were only at about the 20 km mark.