Two women from a Manitoba Mennonite community were released on bail Thursday.

The women are accused of abducting a teenage boy who fled from his foster family. The teen was one of dozens of children apprehended by Child and Family services from the isolated community amid child abuse allegations.

The women's bail was set at $3,000 each, which was paid after the community pooled its funds.

Court heard that one of the children, a teen-aged boy, ran away from his foster family and returned to his parents in the community.

His parents tried to take him back to his CFS family but the teen never returned.

He was instead found in Saskatchewan.

The women had been in custody since they were charged recently.

As part of their bail conditions the women are prohibited from contacting anyone within their community, besides a minister.

They are also not to have any contact with children. They have been ordered to remain in a home outside the community, where they must remain 24-hours a day.

A handful of members from the Mennonite community attended the court hearing Thursday.

They declined to comment except to say they were "very stressed" by the situation.

Henry Dueck, a volunteer advocate for the community, said community members were able to come up with the bail money this time. But he said the mounting legal fees are an added burden to the small community. Dueck said they have asked him to speak on their behalf and to attend Thursday's court hearing.

"I don't know how they can keep their sanity," Dueck said "There is a lot of crying behind closed doors."