Two found dead in Winnipeg rooming house

Winnipeg's homicide unit is investigating after finding the bodies of two people in a Wolseley-area rooming house Wednesday morning.

Police investigating suspicious deaths of pair in Wolseley home

The Winnipeg police homicide unit is investigating after finding two dead bodies in a Wolseley area rooming house Wednesday morning. CBC's Ryan Hicks reports. 1:21

Winnipeg's homicide unit is investigating after finding the bodies of two people in a Wolseley-area rooming house Wednesday morning.

One of two bodies is carried out of a house on Chestnut Street on Wednesday evening. (Ryan Hicks/CBC)

Emergency crews were called to a rooming house in the 200 block of Chestnut Street just before 8 a.m. to respond to what they say were medical concerns.

But police said when officers arrived, they found two people dead inside a suite.

Police are currently treating the two deaths as suspicious, but they have not said if the deaths are being treated as homicides.

Investigators spent much of the day Wednesday at the scene. The two bodies were removed from the house in the evening.

'Kind of sketchy,' neighbour says of house

Neighbour George Penner said he wasn't surprised to wake up and see a police presence at the home.

"It's just generally kind of sketchy, [it's a] boarding house," he said.

"There's always kind of incidents going on every month or two you'll have some kind of conflict going on. There's been fights, but usually you'll hear shouting, like someone'll get evicted and be like yelling at the landlord," he said.

Winnipeg police officers investigate behind the home on Wednesday morning. The police service's identification unit vehicle can be seen parked nearby. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)

Penner said the first indication something was wrong was the police cadet van parked in front of his house Wednesday morning.

He said he wasn't sure how many people lived in the house, but there is a lot of coming and going.

"People are always changing, like there's always new people," he said. Penner said he has seen children playing in the front sometimes.

Neighbour Sue Gereta lives down the street from the rooming house. She said the house has been a constant problem for neighbours.

"What you see now with the cop cars is like that a lot. At least everyday there’s something going on there," she said. "Our block here, it’s all families with young kids, and we’re kind of concerned about it."

Gereta said drugs and parties are a problem at the home, and she won’t allow her kids to play unsupervised at the nearby Vimy Ridge Park because she’s concerned about the people in the home.

The owner of the rooming house told CBC News late Wednesday that five people were renting suites in the home, but she didn't know much about her tenants and she didn't know who died.