A Manitoba family welcomed a rare addition to their family yesterday — twins born on leap day.

Chartrand twins leap day

Jessa, left, and Jordan Chartrand were born on Monday - leap day. (Peter Chartrand)

Jordan was born at 12:21 p.m. and Jessa was born three minutes later on Monday at the Women's Hospital at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. 

The twins were due on Feb. 21. Jordan weighed in at seven pounds, eight ounces, and Jessa weighed seven pounds, nine ounces.

"Very exciting — everybody can't wait to meet them, to see them," said Peter Chartrand, now a grandpa to seven grandchildren.

He said he initially wasn't keen on the twins being born on leap day. 

Chartrand twins and mom

Randi Chartrand and her leap day twins, Jordan and Jessa. (Peter Chartrand)

"They came without permission — that's what I'll say!" Chartrand said. "They made up their own minds: 'We're going to delay this and pick a special day to come out!'"

While they didn't stick to the original schedule, Chartrand said he was still overcome with emotion when his grandchildren entered the world.

"As soon as I [saw] them everything went out the window. I was overcome with joy and love and happiness," he added. "It's going to save us some money so we won't have a party for four year's time," he said with a laugh.

Randi, the mom, is resting and the babies are healthy, said Chartrand, who is visiting from Skownan First Nation. The mom and babies live in Winnipeg. 

Leap Year Winnipeg twins

Linda and Peter Chartrand hold their leap day grand-kids at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. (Supplied)

"They'll both eventually come home to make a visit in Skownan First Nation," he said. "These are our angels. They are a blessing to us and all our family and everybody can't wait to meet them."

Meanwhile grandmother Linda Chartrand said she can't wait for her grandchildren to start getting into trouble.

"Double of everything," she said. "I'm happy; can't wait to chase them around, run up and down the halls."

Jessa and Jordan are the first set of twins in the Chartrand family.