Turtle gets high-profile help crossing Winnipeg's busiest street

A Manitoba cabinet minister said he and other Winnipeg drivers sprang into action upon seeing a woman try to help a turtle that was ambling across Portage Avenue this morning.

Cabinet minister Kevin Chief jumps in to help other Winnipeggers help animal on Portage Avenue

Kevin Chief says he and a woman, right, come to the aid of a turtle that was trying to cross Portage Avenue on Thursday morning. (Kevin Chief/Twitter)

A seemingly lost turtle got some high-profile help crossing Winnipeg's busiest street this morning.

Manitoba cabinet minister Kevin Chief said he and other drivers sprang into action on Thursday after seeing a woman try to help the turtle, which was ambling across Portage Avenue.

The Point Douglas MLA, who is the minister of children and youth opportunities and the minister responsible for the City of Winnipeg, said he was on his way to talk to new police recruits.

"There was a turtle crossing the street on Portage Avenue, and there was a woman that had stopped, and so I put my hazards on and got out to give a hand," he said in an interview on CBC's Radio Noon program.

"Other Winnipeggers stopped because we wanted to make sure the situation was safe for all of us, including the woman and the turtle and myself."

Chief said the large turtle had somehow made it halfway across the street. The animal was helped onto the median, where the minister and the woman discussed what to do next.

"It looked like it was on its way back to Omand's Creek, so she was going to find out from the vet if it should go back to Omand's Creek; if it was a wild turtle or if it was a pet," he said.

Other drivers cheered for those who came to the turtle's aid, said Chief, who thanked everyone who stopped their vehicles for them.

"If people hadn't stopped and pulled over and made the situation safe, the turtle, I think, would have for sure got hit," he said, noting that traffic on Portage Avenue goes at about 60 km/h.

Chief added that his wife had watched a CBC News report on Wednesday about another Manitoba turtle's broken shell being repaired with wire and glue and was "quite happy that we got to help this turtle out today."