What kind of cookie would Justin Trudeau be? That might be one of the conversations at the federal Liberal Biennial Convention taking place in Winnipeg this week.

Participants are able to purchase a cookie cutter shaped like the prime minister's head.

Local human rights lawyer and Liberal delegate Corey Shefman grabbed a photo of a favoured piece of Liberal swag for sale at the convention.

"It was just so unexpected and so cute and who wouldn't want to eat a cookie shaped like Justin Trudeau's head?" Shefman said with a laugh.

He figured, if he had to choose a cookie, the prime minister would be chocolate chip oatmeal because they are fun and popular but also good for us.

Shefman said the atmosphere at the convention has been amazing since it's the first since the Liberals won a majority government in 2015. It's also the first Liberal convention to be held in Winnipeg since 1980.

"We are really excited to pass the new constitution which will open up the party to every Canadian and to debate some really important policy resolutions," he said.

Trudeau is scheduled to give the keynote address on Saturday which gives participants plenty of time to bake, but Shefman isn't sure the prime minister will have time for an cookie-eating selfie.

"I would love to see his reaction to that but I think probably he is going to be to busy shaking hands with the thousands of Liberals in town," he said with a laugh.