Preparations for Canada’s final deployment of troops to Afghanistan were underway at Canadian Forces Base Shilo on Wednesday.

Soldiers ran an exercise for Operation ATTENTION in Kabul, which will focus on training and mentoring the Afghan National Army before Canada pulls out its troops entirely.

The operation will be Canada’s last in Afghanistan after over a decade of deployments. The bulk of Canadian soldiers returned home in 2011.


Troops train for their final deployment to Afghanistan at CFB Shilo on Wednesday. (Aadel Haleem/CBC)

"There’s one soldier from Shilo currently there, but we’re preparing just over 300 soldiers from Shilo," said Lt. Col. Michael

Wright. "We’ll be getting about 150 soldiers, sailors and airmen and women from across the Canadian Armed Forces."

The soldiers are being trained to train other soldiers. They will take weapons training and cultural awareness training to prepare them for their mission.

"It's quite fitting soldiers from Shilo and western Canada are going because they were part of the very first mission to Kandahar in 2002," said Wright.

The soldiers are scheduled to return home in March 2014.