A Winnipeg family had a rude awakening when part of a tree fell on their house Monday morning.

Jenny Motkaluk said the tree in front of their home on Montrose Street, near Academy Road, collapsed at about 4:30 a.m.

"We heard a crazy loud cracking sound and looked out the window to see that the tree had fallen down right in front of the house," she said.

No one was hurt but Motkaluk couldn't initially tell if the roof was damaged.

She has no idea what made the tree fall, since there was no wind at the time. But it's also not the first time a tree has just simply fallen in the neighbourhood, Motkaluk said.

"Last summer there was one that came down and just in the middle of the day, perfectly nice sunny day, no wind. They just come, and when they come down it's a big loud crash," she said.