One man is travelling across Canada to offer free hugs, and on Thursday he stopped at Winnipeg’s Union Station.

Arie Moyal started the hug train in Montreal, and has since been travelling by rail. His mission is to lift holiday spirits with free hugs.  

This Moyal’s 6th year operating the hug train.

“There's a need for human interaction. We are so focused on interacting through our phones we don't interact in-person anymore. And I saw the opportunity to make a difference, so I took it,” he said.

Moyal says it can be a tough time of year for people, and this is his way of making a difference.

He’s received mixed reactions from the public.

“In Toronto I was walking, and within the space of 200 meters I had a girl cry on my shoulder and a guy tell me to stay the bleep away from him — so you never know how people are going to react," said Moyal.

Moyal is making a documentary about his trip. If you’re looking for a free hug this weekend he’ll be in the Exchange District.