A Conservative MP from Manitoba says her St. Boniface constituency office has heard from a number of voters who claimed they received live and automated calls on election day.

"We've had several phone back to say, 'Hey, I got a live call and was told to go to another polling station,'" Shelly Glover told CBC News Saturday. "Another person called to say that they got a robocall and it was saying to go to another polling station. And they thought it was odd, so they called us."

According to Glover, the people reporting robocalls to her office identified themselves as Conservative supporters.

She said allegations suggesting the Conservative party tried to misdirect voters to the wrong polling stations on election day are being made without concrete evidence, adding she is not accusing the Liberal Party or the New Democrats of co-ordinating the controversial calls.

"I am not making that assertion," she said."And here's why: I will not accuse someone of doing something in a co-ordinated fashion or in a criminal way if I don't have proof."

Questions about automated phone calls on election day have been swirling for days, with the main concern being whether or not calls leading voters to an incorrect location to cast a ballot could have influenced the outcome of some races.

Officials from Elections Canada have confirmed they are investigating complaints.