A tornado watch was issued for the City of Winnipeg Thursday afternoon but was soon cancelled.

According to Environment Canada, severe thunderstorms are still possible this afternoon and early this evening though.

"These types of tornadoes form out of weak thunderstorms and are usually not as destructive as their severe thunderstorm cousin," Environment Canada stated.

"They are difficult to track with Doppler radar and can appear without warning. They normally move slowly and can last for many minutes. They often appear as a giant column of dust from the ground to the bottom of the thunderstorm. Their destructive power is usually felt over a very small area."

The thunderstorms, which should end early in the evening, are also expected to bring the threat of large hail.

Environment Canada cautions people to take shelter underground or in a reinforced structure like a bathroom or interior closet, should a tornado form.

Anyone in a vehicle should move away from the tornado at right angles, Environment Canada said.

Sightings can be reported, only if it is safe to do so, to 1-800-239-0484.