A tornado was spotted near Carman, Man., Tuesday afternoon. ((Anna Doell))

A tornado touched down near Carman, Man., on Tuesday as a severe weather system rolled through the province.

Anna Doell, whose son first saw the tornado, said it touched down in a field just behind her shop at about 5:30 p.m.

"All of a sudden he started screaming 'Mom, there's a tornado,'" said Doell.

Doell ran to get her husband out of the shop and her younger son inside.

She said the tornado's appearance surprised her because the weather vane wasn't moving before it touched down.

Russell Paetkau, who also saw the tornado, said it stirred around on a field for a few minutes.

"[The tornado] just hovered for about five minutes and then all of a sudden it had a little bit more of a sharper tapered cone and came straight down to the ground and sat there and swirled around for about five or 10 minutes and went back up in the air and then slowly dissipated," said Paetkau.

No damage has been reported, according to Environment Canada.


Large amounts of rain flooded and closed the Jubilee Avenue overpass Tuesday evening. ((Shaun McLeod/CBC))

In Winnipeg, the same weather system brought a deluge of rain, closing intersections and flooding underpasses.

Izzy Mendiola said his car stalled in flood water on the Pembina Highway under the Jubilee Avenue overpass.

"I think it's damaged because water came inside the muffler," said Mendiola.

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect Wednesday for Winnipeg, the Red River Valley, the Whiteshell, Pinawa, Sprague and Northwest Angle Provincial Forest.

Large hail and damaging winds are possible, according to Environment Canada.