Tornado destruction prompts help from Manitoba charities

Manitoba charities are stepping up to help those devastated by the Oklahoma City tornado.
Resident Kim Schwab looks over her destroyed home in south Oklahoma City, after a tornado flattened the neighbourhood. (Paul Hellstern/The Oklahoman/AP)

Manitoba charities are stepping up to help those devastated by the Oklahoma City tornado.

A swath of destruction cuts through a suburb of Moore. (Steve Gooch/AP)

"To provide the emotional and spiritual care that's needed as well as you know, meeting the practical needs of the people providing them with shelter, with clothing, with food," said Jonathan Hamel, spokesperson for the Salvation Army in Winnipeg.

"Whatever care that it can [provide] at that moment," the Salvation Army will offer, he added.

If people want to help, cash donations are best, Hamel said.

"We do have agreements in place with other oganizations and with local companies that will be helping and responding to provide services so then the money would enable to purchase the services and resources that are needed," he said.

Dozens of people were killed when the tornado, which struck Monday afternoon about 16 kilometres south of Oklahoma City, flattened two elementary schools and many homes.

There isn't an official campaign set up just yet in Winnipeg but any donations made specifically for the tornado-stricken area can be sent there through the Salvation Army.