Manitoba's Opposition says a plan to commemorate women's right to vote may violate provincial law.

The Manitoba Status of Women Council is planning to hold an event Jan. 28 to mark the 98th anniversary of women's suffrage in the province.

The Tories have obtained a memo in which the minister responsible for the council, Kerri Irvin-Ross, invited her cabinet colleagues to attend.

The ceremony is set for the same day that two provincial byelections will be held, and the Tories say the event may violate a ban on government advertising during election campaigns.

Tory deputy leader Heather Stefanson says holding an event at the legislature on that day goes against the democracy that women's rights activists such as Nellie McClung fought for.

Government spokeswoman Rachel Morgan says Irvin-Ross was asked by the legislature building protocol officer to send a memo to MLAs from all parties reminding them of the event.