Top 5 things to do this weekend in Winnipeg

We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far this fall, but it is supposed to snow over the weekend. Luckily, a bunch of wonderful things are happening indoors at warm venues.

Michel Gondry flicks and fancy burgers in the Exchange on the menu for Winnipeggers

Winnipeggers can see the incredibly talented Audrey Tautou in Mood Indigo at Cinematheque this weekend. (Francois Mori/The Associated Press)

We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far this fall, but it is supposed to snow over the weekend. Luckily, a bunch of wonderful things are happening indoors at warm venues.

The Exchange District is where pretty much everything is happening this weekend, from Michel Gondry films to fancy takes on fast food to '90s dance parties.

It’s also a good weekend to get nostalgic with performances by super adorable children's entertainer Al Simmons and a ‘90s themed DJ set at Union Sound Hall.

Have fun and keep warm, Winnipeggers, and don’t forget to check out one of the city’s Remembrance Day services on Monday.

WHAT: FILM – Mood Indigo at Cinematheque

When:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening

Where: Cinematheque at 100 Arthur St.

Cost: $9

There are movies you see at home, with socks on while spilling chips and popcorn on your couch, and then there are movies you see in tiny, dark theatres surrounded by other people who love film.

Mood Indigo is definitely in the second category, and awesomely, Cinematheque is playing it all weekend.

The French film is the creation of co-writer and director Michel Gondry (he was all over Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep).

It’s about a guy with a pretty great life and a great best friend. Then he meets a woman (played by Audrey Tautou of Amelie and A Very Long Engagement). They fall in love, get married and she gets sick on their honeymoon.

Tautou is always compelling, and coupled with Gondry’s exceptional direction, it promises to be a pretty nice night at the theatre.

Last thing: If you’re at all into Wes Anderson movies, you’ll probably be open to Gondry’s style.

WHAT: FOOD – Lunch at Deer + Almond

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday 

Where: Deer + Almond at 85 Princess St.

Cost: About $10

Remember back when our city was in the midst of that marvellous thing called Burger Week? And you could go to fancy restaurants and order gourmet burgers for just $10?
The famed Royale is back on the Deer + Almond lunch menu! (Twitter)

Well, that won’t be back till next year, but Deer + Almond in the Exchange District did something pretty rad with their fall menu.

They’ve put their limited edition burger from Burger Week on their lunch menu for $10!

The Royale with cheese is basically a fancy take on McDonald’s Big Mac and from what I’ve heard, it’s amazing.

I’m the last girl to get excited over tapas, but I will be heading down there this weekend to get the burger.

It’s only available at lunch time though, so bring your best burger-loving friend and don’t eat breakfast too late!

WHAT: MUSIC – WSO does Le Ombre

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Centennial Concert Hall at 555 Main St.

Cost: Ticket prices start at $27.00.

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is continuing on their streak of hosting brilliant, awesome things this weekend.

They’re really transforming from your grandparents’ orchestra into an accessible, interesting performance group.

This weekend they’re hosting Le Ombre, a show where people in black suits cast silhouettes on a giant, lit-up white sheet while amazing orchestral music plays. 

It’s been a big deal internationally, and if you watch the YouTube video, you’ll definitely want to go.

It’s kind of expensive, but it’s not Christmas yet so if you have some extra coin, it’ll be worth checking out.

WHAT: FAMILY – Al Simmons at the WECC

When:   Saturday, Nov. 9 at 12:15 p.m.

Where: West End Cultural Centre at 586 Ellice Ave.

Cost: $12 in advance or $17 at the door

Hey adults with children! This weekend you can bring your kid to something that won’t totally bore you as an adult.

Al Simmons is playing his first theatre show in 20 years at the West End Cultural Centre this weekend. The super Winnipeg-famous kids entertainer has been captivating kidlets since the ‘80s, so he’s pretty good at it.

Alternatively, anyone interested in being the best aunt or uncle ever could bring the little ones.

It’s cheaper if you buy tickets early, so do that!

WHAT: PARTY – Nothin’ Butt 90s at Union

When: Sunday, Nov. 10

Where: Union Sound Hall at 110 Market Ave.

Cost: $10 
Expect lots of Alanis at Union Sound Hall on Sunday! (Kevin Frayer/The Canadian Press)

A ‘90s dance party at Union Sound Hall will be a great way to end the long weekend. 

DJ Hunnicutt and Lambo are both doing sets, so that’s a pretty good guarantee the music will be great.

The absolute best thing is they are paying special tribute to lady artists from the ‘90s. When was the last time you danced to Alanis Morissette anywhere but your apartment?

It’s not a new party, Nothin’ Butt 90s Sunday shows have been around for a while, but the venue switch from Green Room to Union should make it even better.


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