Top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend (Dec. 27-29)

This is an abbreviated version of your weekend round-up because it’s the holidays, and we’re all recovering from too much turkey and family time.

Check out Thom Bargen, Normandy Shop and Union Sound Hall this weekend

Marti Sarbit and Rusty Matyas make up Imaginary Cities, playing at The Pyramid Friday and Saturday night. (Trevor Marczylo)

This is an abbreviated version of your weekend round-up because it’s the holidays, and we’re all recovering from too much turkey and family time.

Try not to go too hard this weekend, as forced-fun time is just a few days away on New Year’s Eve.

And if you’re not sure what to check out that night, CBC has a top 10 list of the best celebrations to check out.

WHAT: DANCE PARTY —​ Smithfits at Union

When: Saturday, Dec. 28 at 10 p.m.

Where:  Union Sound Hall at 110 Market Ave.

Cost: $10

They’re back again – the city’s best DJs are doing another Smithfits event at Union this weekend, with all the punk, new wave and brit-pop your born-in-the-wrong-decade heart desires.

It’s a good excuse to wear clothes from the bottom of your hamper and drink a ton of cheap beer.

DJ Co-Op, Scott Wade and Rob Galston all have sets planned. Try to drink enough that the major crowd of non-dancing hipsters doesn’t intimidate you before you head out onto the dance floor.

WHAT: MUSIC — Imaginary Cities and Federal Lights at The Pyramid

When: Saturday, Dec. 28 at 8:30 p.m.

Where: The Pyramid at 176 Fort St.

Cost: $20

This will be a sweet show. Imaginary Cities’ hot soulful sound will take over The Pyramid this weekend for two whole nights.
Go see Federal Lights play alongside Imaginary Cities on Saturday night at the Pyramid. (Federal Lights)

They’re playing Friday and Saturday with a whole bunch of great locals including Federal Lights, Les Jupes, Courier News and Slow Leaves.

My pick out of the two shows is Saturday night when they play with Federal Lights, a yummy indie-pop outfit that has played throughout Europe and North America.

Federal Lights has received all sorts of Canadian music accolades because they make good music everyone likes, and they are definitely worth your cash.

The Pyramid is booking fewer and fewer great indie/soul acts like this, so it’s a great chance to check out a lovely venue.

WHAT: SNOW —​ Snowtubing at Adrenaline Adventures

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Where: Adrenaline Adventures at 600 Caron Rd. in Headingley

Cost: $20 for a day or $15 for a night

If you’re brave enough to face the cold this weekend, head out to Adrenaline Adventures to fly down an icy hill at break-neck speed in the middle of an inner tube.

The company offers a slightly more fun version of sledding at their outdoor park for about $20 a day, or $15 if you go at night.

They have superfast lanes for people who are exceptionally brave, and tow ropes so you don’t have to drag your exhausted butt up the hill once you get to the bottom.

They’re open this weekend till 10 p.m. on Friday and from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday. Hours are a little abbreviated on Sunday when they’re open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There’s also free ice-skating, so you can include your boring friends.

WHAT: COFFEE —​ Thom Bargen

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Where: Thom Bargen at 64 Sherbrook St.

Cost: $5-$10

This is a lovely place that you should make a point of visiting if you haven’t yet.
Check out the super-pretty Thom Bargen coffee and tea shop in Wolseley this weekend. (Teghan Beaudette/CBC)

Their lattes are my favourite in the city (and winning that title from crazy conglomerate Starbucks wasn’t an easy task), and the people who work there are so friendly it’ll blow your mind.

It’s locally owned, and the guys know an absolute ton about what they’re serving you.

Plus you can sit in the window, work on whatever thing it is you want (your tumblr? Sending thank you emails to all your relatives after the holidays?) and watch adorable Wolseley hipsters walk by.

Lattes are about $5 and you can also get treats like cinnamon buns and muffins with seeds in them.

It’s a great place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and it’ll remind you how amazing Winnipeg can be.

WHAT: SHOP – Normandy Shop

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Where: Normandy Shop at 791 Corydon Ave.

Cost: Depends what you buy! (medium priced)

Malls will still be packed this weekend with people capitalizing on day-after and day-after-after boxing day deals, but there is a way to shop a bit and totally enjoy it.
Normandy Shop is a brand-new locally-owned boutique on Corydon Avenue. (Normandy Shop)

Go check out the newly minted Normandy Shop on Corydon Avenue.

It’s all sorts of beautiful, and it’s filled with great stuff your friends won’t already have. They’re primarily a menswear store, but they have lots of other fun stuff like candles, soaps, toques, wallets, backpacks and sunglasses.

Plus, most ladies know a men’s sweater or shirt looks better than the ones that are made for us anyway.

Sometimes the couple have their super cute puppies hanging out in the shop too, so there’s that adorable bonus.

Things are medium-priced – you can get hoodies for about $100 and tees for $50. It’s pretty standard pricing for local shops.

When you’re done you can hop over to The Frenchway café for a croissant or a pastel-coloured whoopie pie.


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