Top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend

After seven long weeks away from Winnipeg, my top five column and I are back — and it’s a great weekend to be in the city.

Beer festivals, DJ Jazzy Jeff and free outdoor shows on tap for Winnipeggers this weekend

The Lytics will be playing a free show at The Cube Saturday night as part of Jazz fest. You should go!

After seven long weeks away from Winnipeg, my top five column and I are back and it’s a great weekend to be in the city.

Everything from a downtown beer festival to free outdoor shows in the Exchange are on tap for the weekend.

If you have kids and a whole lot of patience, the Red River Ex is rolling into town.

If, on the other hand, you have no minions but do have excellent taste in hip hop, check out DJ Jazzy Jeff’s set at Union this weekend.

And don’t forget to make time for your dad! Father’s Day falls on Sunday.

WHAT: BEER – Flatlander’s Beer Festival

When: Friday, June 13 at 7 p.m.

Where: MTS Centre at 300 Portage Ave.

Cost: $39.95

Beer, food, sports and other people who love beer will cram the MTS Centre this weekend for Flatlander's Beer Festival.
Get your beer on at the MTS Centre this weekend. There'll be more than 150 varieties to sip! (Canadian Press)

The fest lines up more than 150 brews and ciders from around the world, taking your weekend drinking habits to an impressive next level.

And not only is there beer on tap, there's beer-flavoured treats! Apparently there'll be some sort of beer-flavoured ice cream and three food trucks, at least one of which is totally dedicated to wings.

Particularly beloved offspring may want to bring along dad for all sorts of early-Fathers-Day points.

If you're not convinced yet, the fest has promised to have FIFA action playing on TVs in the MTS Centre the whole time.

WHAT: FESTIVAL – Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday night

Where: Old Market Square at 63 Albert St.

Cost: FREE

Jazz fest is FINALLY here again, and the lineups for the free shows this weekend are stellar as usual.

Saturday has a great lineup with the very danceable electro-indie outfit Hana Lulu followed by a late-night set by my absolute favourite hip-hop locals The Lytics.

All the free stuff is happening at The Cube at Old Market Square Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. The forecast is calling for rain, but if you pack a rain jacket and make friends in the beer tent, you should still manage to have an amazing time.

And don't miss this Jazz fest staple: Moses Mayes takes the stage Sunday night, and just before his set, the amazing, high-energy Noble Thiefs.

This is a good one to run into pretty much every single person you know in the city — so get your hair did and put on something pretty!

WHAT: RIDES – Red River Ex

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Red River Exhibition Park at 3977 Portage Ave.

Cost: $39 to $45 for entry/unlimited rides

The Red River Ex is back with its signature meld of sweaty, terror-filled rides and amazing carnival food.
The Red River Ex rolls into town this weekend -- flying swings and all. (Natalie Onuska)

Best laid plans will include bringing a large group of your most easy going friends, hitting the ferris wheel, those swings that twirl around and are not meant for adults followed by some greasy pizza, a spin on the Vortex and then a long, hot, sort-of-cranky drive home.

Same bonus points as last year for anyone who wears those cute barrettes mom used to put in your hair when she brought you as a kid. And I'm still at a loss to determine what the male equivalent of those barrets is. Suspenders? Try those.

Don’t miss: Laughing mercilessly at a younger sibling after they inevitably puke.

WHAT: FOOD – Drinks at Prairie 360

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Where: Prairie 360 at 83 Garry St.

Cost: Depends what you order!

I have recommended this place before, but it’s a great one to visit during the summer months and a lovely place to cozy up with some apps and glasses of wine when the weather isn’t great.

The view is pretty spectacular at night, and if it’s not raining too heavily Friday or Saturday, it’s a good place to suggest for a fancy night out.

If you’re planning on heading down, call in advance and book a reservation. This place is always busy, and it's always loud.

It's not an ideal date spot unless you want to be yelling your awkward-date-banter across the table, but it's a great spot to bring a table of friends or family, who, let's face it, were going to be rowdy anyway.

WHAT: MUSIC – DJ Jazzy Jeff at Union

When: Saturday, June 14 at 10 p.m.

Where: Union Sound Hall at 110 Market Ave.

Cost: $20 in advance

You guys! DJ Jazzy Jeff is playing a set at Union this weekend!
Check out DJ Jazzy Jeff at Union Sound Hall Saturday night. (Stephen J Boitano/The Associated Press)

It will be the show to brag about come Monday morning. If you're a little fuzzy on who the guy is, think back, way back to the Fresh Prince and then totally lose your mind.

I am far from a hip-hop aficionado, but my absolute favourite local DJ, Tim Hoover (DJ Co-Op) had this to say about him: "If you only know him from Fresh Prince re-runs, you're going to be very impressed with how great a DJ he is!"

Hoover also had this really sweet thing to say about the show, "He was a great influence on me. I have awesome memories of seeing him back in the day at other venues. To have him at our venue now is a real treat!"