Top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend

There’s a ton of different stuff to do this weekend, from a documentary film fest in the Exchange District to an amazing electro-indie show in South Osborne.

Rec Room, Gimme Some Truth documentary fest and Indicator Indicator at The Park Theatre

Compendium Artist Market features local photographers like Ariana Tennyson. This is one of her snaps, and this weekend the market will be holding a fundraiser on Friday night. (Ariana Tennyson Photography)

There’s a ton of different stuff to do this weekend, from a documentary film fest in the Exchange District to an amazing electro-indie show in South Osborne.

One of my favourite locals, Indicator Indicator is sharing the spotlight with Lost Weekend at The Park Theatre on Saturday night. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, try the Compendium Artist Market in the Exchange on Saturday.

And if you really just want to play some games and drink a lot of beer, try the newly opened Rec Room on Pembina Highway.

WHAT: ART — Compendium Artist Market

When: Friday, March 21 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Where: Frame-Media Hub at 72 Princess St.

Cost: $15 at the door ($10 in advance)

The city’s entire concentration of super rad people will probably be at this artist market on Friday night.

The Compendium Artist Market is holding a big dance-party fundraiser meets art auction and craft sale thing.

The sponsors are basically a who’s who of young and lovely local businesses in Winnipeg including Normandy Shop, Little Sister Coffee Maker, tiny feast and Café Postal.

DJ Coda will also be there to play some tunes while you buy food and clothes and art and stuff.

Basically, Compendium Artist Market is a year-round gallery that sells artists work and strives to be hyper-local and very environmentally friendly. A great cause to support if you have a few extra bucks!

Make sure to bring lots of cash, though! That’s all they’re taking.

WHAT: FILM — Gimme Some Truth documentary fest

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Cinematheque at 100 Arthur St.

Cost: $65.00 for a fest pass or $10 per showing

Piss on You: Winnipeg’s Early Punk Scene is playing at Winnipeg's Gimme Some Truth documentary festival this weekend. (Gordon Agar/Gimme Some Truth)
Winnipeg Cinematheque is playing host to a super interesting film fest this weekend.

The Gimme Some Truth documentary film festival opens Thursday night in Winnipeg but will be running until Sunday night with a bunch of films with local content.

The fest will not only have about a dozen different flicks screened at Cinematheque throughout the weekend, they’re also hosting a bunch of workshops and lectures on documentaries.

My top three picks from the fest are Teenager, Lost Heroes and Piss on You: Winnipeg’s Early Punk Scene.

WHAT: SMART STUFF — Spur Winnipeg

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Various locations

Cost: Ranges from FREE to $25 per event or $100 for a fest pass

Winnipeg is playing host to a national idea festival this weekend.

Spur was launched in Canada last year in a bunch of big cities and expanded this year to include Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Basically it’s a bunch of art shows, lectures and events to get people to talk about their city and how it can be improved.

There are talks on what Winnipeg will look like in seven years and pop-up art shows planned.

My top pick for the festival is the This City in Seven Years panel scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday at 360 Portage Ave.

A bunch of people who know about these things will make seven-minute pitches for the future of Winnipeg’s downtown. Plus CBC’s IsmailaAlfa will be there moderating!

There’ll also be a free party at Platform Gallery at 11 p.m. on Saturday if you just want to mix with all the smarty-pants who are attending.

Best part about these two events are they're free!

WHAT: MUSIC — Indicator Indicator and Lost Weekend at Park Theatre

When: Saturday, March 22 at 9 p.m.

Where: Park Theatre at 698 Osborne St.

Cost: $12 in advance

The guys behind Lost Weekend will be playing this weekend at The Park Theatre with Indicator Indicator. (James Adams)
The Park Theatre is holding a lovely double-headliner show this Saturday with Indicator Indicator and Lost Weekend.

The electro-indie acts both tend to play very danceable, fun sets, so this should be a good show.

Better than explaining their sound to you, just check out My Love Don’t Belong by Indicator Indicator and Cool Kids by Lost Weekend.

Pair this one with some girlie drinks and a few of your favourite hipsters.

WHAT: GAMES — Ping pong, arcade games at Rec Room

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Where: Rec Room at 1875 Pembina Hwy.

Cost: About $5 a drink, $15 per hour for ping pong, $1 per arcade game

There’s a relatively new bar in the space that once housed Dylan O’Connor’s pub on Pembina Highway.

Rec Room has officially opened its doors and is a good option if you’re sick of the same old bar nights.

The giant space is filled with ping pong tables, beer pong tables, arcade games, pool tables and TVs. They still have a lot of kinks to work out but it still provides a pretty good night out.

It’s a great place to bring a big group and avoid the boring standing-around talking stuff. Instead, you can play ping pong terribly, shoot baskets, dominate your friends in beer pong or shoot dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park arcade game.

It’s basically a pared down Ruckers for adults, which is pretty cool.

My advice: bring some change, be prepared to share a beer pong table with strangers and settle in for a fun night.