Top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend

This is kind of a weird weekend, Winnipeg. The usual places in this column aren’t offering anything that made me too excited, but there are a ton of really interesting things going on in a ton of different nooks and crannies.

Quinton Blair at the Cavern, pop up shop on Corydon and a lecture at McNally Robinson

Keep warm inside any Winnipeg bar, eaterie or bookstore you can this weekend -- it'll be pretty cold. (Dana Zimmer)

This is kind of a weird weekend, Winnipeg. The usual places in this column aren’t offering anything that made me too excited, but there are a ton of really interesting things going on in a ton of different nooks and crannies.

It’s going to be bitterly cold, so I advise staying inside and enjoying some beverages and food with people you find generally nice to be around.

The Cavern is going country this weekend with locals Quinton Blair, but if that’s not your speed, you can check out the Cluster New Music festival in the Exchange.

For a quiet, grown-up type evening, you can check out a lecture at McNally Robinson on the ills of advertising and follow it up with a few signature cocktails from Cornerstone in the Village.

WHAT: FEST — Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival

When: Saturday, March 1 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, March 2

Where: Urban Shaman Gallery at 290 McDermot Ave.

Cost: $15

If you’re feeling like there hasn’t been a good music festival in this city in a while, you’re right. We’re due for one. Enter the Cluster New Music fest.

The whole thing kicks off Saturday night at 8 p.m. at the Urban Shaman Gallery with a bunch of multidisciplinary acts and some cool art.

Lots of the acts, art pieces and shows have really crazy names like Natanielle Felictas amplified loom (I don’t know what that is) and something from Diana McIntosh called a new sound poem.

So it should be kind of cool. Plus Ghost Twin will be there playing music and stuff. Go check it out.

WHAT: DRINKS — Cornerstone in the Village

When: Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Where: Cornerstone at the corner of River Avenue and Osborne Street

Cost: Depends what you order (it’s affordable!)

So that new place in Osborne Village opened pretty quietly last weekend, and as you probably imagined, it’s just great.
This is just two-thirds of Cornerstone's giant beer-keg fridge. Go check it out this weekend in the Village. (Teghan Beaudette/CBC)

It’s got a pretty sparse, hipsterish décor, with big TVs to watch any/all sports things, and a lovely drink menu.

Plus, and this is may be the most exciting, it has the coolest beer fridge I have ever, ever seen. It’s a gigantic stainless steel beauty stocked with giant kegs, an array of taps and a digital screen that I think is somehow important to the whole process.

The staff are super friendly, the menu has a bunch of healthy options and if you order the super-sweet cocktail called a White Cross, you get a Twizzler with it. Cool right?

I was sad to see Papa George’s go, but I have to say, this place is really, really rad.

Anyway, just go. It’s going to be about five minutes before it’s packed every night for the rest of eternity!

WHAT: MUSIC — Quinton Blair at the Cavern

When:  Saturday, March 1 at 10 p.m.

Where: The Cavern at 112 Osborne St.

It’s going to get a little bit country below the Toad this weekend.

Quinton Blair is coming to the Cavern Saturday night to bring their special brand of soul and country to the basement venue.

The group offers the kind of country music even hipsters can get down to, and there’s a really impressive array of musicians in this one. I could not track down a show price for the life of me, so be brave, bring some cash and plan to have a few drinks.

Plus, how awesome will it be to avoid that stupid lineup upstairs? So awesome.

WHAT: LECTURE — Manufacturing Discontent at McNally Robinson

When: Saturday, March 1 at 7 p.m.

Where: McNally Robinson Booksellers at 1120 Grant Ave.

Cost: FREE

Have a date you need to impress with a super-intellectual evening? Or are you super broke and want to be entertained? OR, did you just quit cable and now automatically consider yourself way smarter?

Then you should probably go to McNally Robinson on Saturday evening and check out this neato lecture on advertising and our emotional response to it.

Before you’re all, “A lecture? On a Saturday night?” It’s free, first of all. Second, it’s at 7 p.m. It’ll be over in time for you to go do something else entirely if you’re somehow disappointed with all the fun knowledge times.

But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

A sociology prof from Providence University College, Dennis Hiebert, will be doing the lecture and he’s focusing on things like how Americans can go from being super grateful on Thanksgiving to pretty greedy on Black Friday. He’s also going to talk about how advertising affects us as a society (which really makes me think of the George Costanza line, “We’re living in a society here!”)

Basically, this is one of those great chances to do something slightly different and maybe take an idea or two away you can drop at an opportune moment in the future (in front of your boss? Your in-laws? I don’t know. Whoever you want to impress with facts).

WHAT: SHOP — Pop up shop at Normandy Shop

When: Sunday, March 2 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Normandy Shop at 791 Corydon Ave.

Cost: Depends what you buy

The amazing couple behind Normandy Shop are opening up their beautiful store this weekend to a number of local designers and craftspeople for a pop-up shop.
Normandy Shop is a brand-new locally-owned boutique on Corydon Avenue. (Normandy Shop)

The whole shebang starts at noon with stuff from Normandy Shop, Wilder Dry Goods, Pullteeth vintage menswear and women’s wear and some stuff by local designer Jadyn Kalssen.

There will also be food and mimosas, from what I hear (my kind of a Sunday morning!).

Should be a cute day and a great chance to support local retailers. Be sure to dress cute, everyone else will!