Top 5 things to do in and near Winnipeg this weekend (Jan. 15 to 17)

​It’s going to be another miserably cold weekend, so keep warm at Rumor’s Friday night and bring your kids out Sunday afternoon for a free movie at Cinematheque or a very affordable family dance party at The Good Will.

Julian McCullough at Rumor’s, Snowdance at Falcon Ridge, Snow Trek at Fort Whyte and lots of kids’ stuff

It's going to be another miserably cold weekend, so keep warm at Rumor's Friday night and bring your kids out Sunday afternoon for a free movie at Cinematheque or a very affordable family dance party at The Good Will.

On the off chance you're sick of being stuck inside, Falcon Ridge has the most Canadian festival ever on Saturday and Sunday, and a little closer to Winnipeg, Fort Whyte is offering free admission and a ton of winter sports.

I plan to be a coward and stay inside, but I think you should go do the outdoors stuff.

Be braver than me!

WHAT: COMEDY – Julian McCullough at Rumor's

When: Friday and Saturday

Where: Rumor's Comedy Club at 190-2025 Corydon Ave.

Cost: $15-$17
Go see this guy, Julian McCullough, at Rumor's this weekend. (Megan Thompson)

One of my absolute favourite American comedians is at Rumor's all weekend long.

If you haven't heard of Julian McCullough (and that's a travesty), he's been on Inside Amy Schumer,Chelsea Lately and that E! show Love you, Mean it with Whitney Cummings.

Basically, he's been hilarious alongside a ton of brilliant women and also on his own too.

It's fundamentally odd he planned a tour stop in Winnipeg in January, but he's here and it's too late for him to leave so go see him!

Oh, and the best evidence of how funny he is is probably on Twitter. Check him out @julezmac.

WHAT: FEST – Snowdance at Falcon Ridge

When: Saturday and Sunday

Where: Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes in Falcon Lake

Cost: $45 for a weekend pass ($20 and $35 for day passes)

Falcon Ridge has the most Canadian festival in history happening this weekend (and yeah, I think it might beat out Festival du Voyageur.)
Igloo building is a big part of Snowdance. It happens at the base of a small ski hill called Falcon Ridge, just off the frozen lake. (Emily Christie)

There's Nordic skiing, igloo building, a turkey shoot, shinny, curling and a ton of really talented local musicians playing music in a sort-of warm chalet.

Last year's was an absolute blast despite bone-chilling cold and a blizzard that hit the night of the big dance party.

You know when beer companies try to approximate a secret amazing time in the depths of the Canadian wilderness and there are a lot of people dancing in ski pants and wearing those fur hats inside a wood-paneled building? It's like that.

It might not be too late to rent a fancy cabin for a decent price, too.

WHAT: ACTIVITY – Fort Whyte Snow Trek

When: Sunday, Jan. 17 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Fort Whyte Alive at 1961 McCreary Rd.

Cost: FREE

If you're into braving the -30s this weekend, check out Fort Whyte for their annual Snow Trek.

They're opening up the gates to the wildlife preserve for free on Sunday and you can try out a whole bunch of winter sports for free.

There's cross-country skiing, snow shoe hikes, skating on the pond (it will be seriously windy, tho, guys. I got stuck in a canoe on that pond once), curling and a whole bunch of winter games.

Dress warm and don't be a baby, I guess?

WHAT: DANCE – Mama Cutsworth's Family Dance Party

When: Sunday, Jan. 17 at 1 p.m.

Where: Good Will Social Club at 625 Portage Ave.

Cost: $5 (babies in arms are free)

Mama Cutsworth has another one of her amazing family dance parties at The Good Will on Sunday.

That means tons of hits parents will like (Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, other amazing people), at a decibel that's safe for tiny little ears.
Mama Cutsworth is hosting another one of her family dance parties this weekend. This is how full it gets! (Facebook)

In the past there have been bubble machines and the whole place is just packed with bubbles and kids and their parents, so go early.

One especially nice thing about this one: The Good Will recently made a point of reminding people newcomers are welcome (there's a sign up!), so if you're new to Winnipeg or Canada, go check this out! The people are so friendly and amazing and they have really good teas there.

One more thing: kids have to be with their legal guardians (babysitters don't count) because The Good Will is licensed and is a bar for adults most of the time!

WHAT: KIDS – Charlie Brown at Cinematheque

When: Sunday, Jan. 17 at 2 p.m.

Where: Cinematheque at 100 Arthur St.

Cost: FREE

Cinematheque is continuing their Cabin Fever series this weekend with the Peanuts gang.

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown is on Sunday at 2 p.m.

It's about all the Peanuts kids going to camp and having elections and crushes and tons of relatable neuroses.

There's also a Canadian short paired with this one called The Christmas Misadventures of Tiny Sasquatch Extraordinaire, Walter. Cute!


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