TinTin in America will return to Winnipeg Public Library stacks after being pulled in March due to controversy over how indigenous people are portrayed in it.

The 1930s comic by Belgian cartoonist Herge was pulled from a Winnipeg Chapters store earlier this year, prompting the City of Winnipeg to do the same.

Concerns were raised that the comic perpetuated harmful narratives and racist images, but Chapters later decided to put the comic back on its shelves and determined it did not violate its policies.

Tintin in America

Concerns were raised about the depiction of aboriginal people in TinTin in America, a 1930s comic book.

Now, the City of Winnipeg is also returning the comic to its stacks, and officials said it will live in the "adult graphic novel collection along with other similar material."

Officials said the title would be available to adults and parents who wish to access the book for research purposes or to "carry on discussions with their children or others."