Three more Manitobans test positive for enterovirus D 68

Provincial health officials said Tuesday three more people in Manitoba have tested positive for enterovirus D 68.

New cases bring total number of those infected to 12

Provincial health officials said Tuesday Manitoba has three more lab-confirmed cases of enterovirus D 68.

No other information about the cases is being released.

It brings the total in number of cases of enterovirus D 68 in the province to 12. 

Officials said the province does not track the illness and the dozen cases so far are all lab-confirmed.

They said others may have become ill but simply stayed home and recovered on their own. 

Symptoms of the virus resemble the common cold, but doctors say enterovirus D 68 seems to be sending more children to intensive care than a typical virus, particularly those with a history of asthma.

At least four children in Manitoba were infected with the virus. There are no reports of any deaths.