Enterovirus D-68 confirmed in Canada

More than 4,000 health professionals have been asked to be on the lookout for enterovirus infections that could cause respiratory illness, the Public Health Agency of Canada says. (CBC)

Provincial health officials said Tuesday Manitoba has three more lab-confirmed cases of enterovirus D 68.

No other information about the cases is being released.

It brings the total in number of cases of enterovirus D 68 in the province to 12. 

Officials said the province does not track the illness and the dozen cases so far are all lab-confirmed.

They said others may have become ill but simply stayed home and recovered on their own. 

Symptoms of the virus resemble the common cold, but doctors say enterovirus D 68 seems to be sending more children to intensive care than a typical virus, particularly those with a history of asthma.

At least four children in Manitoba were infected with the virus. There are no reports of any deaths.