Those Guys use their voices to make a Winnipeg band

They're versatile. They're talented. And they sure can sing. Winnipeg's a cappella band Those Guys are celebrating five years of working in harmony.
Those Guys celebrate five years together. (Courtesy artist website)
We make all the sounds with our mouths. We emulate the instrumention with our voices- Simon Miron

Who needs musical instruments when you can make all the sounds you need with your mouth?

Winnipeg's a cappella band Those Guys are celebrating five years of working in harmony.

A big part of what they do is create their own a cappella versions of cover songs, along with their own originals. 

"We essentially take a song people know, and we get somebody to arrange it. We set it up for six to eight voices and we make virtually all the sounds with our mouths — we emulate the instrumentation with our voices," said band member Simon Miron.

"I went to Daniel McIntyre Collegiate and when I was in high school, the music program was really strong," recalled bass player James Campbell.

"I got involved in the vocal jazz program. There were a lot of great singers at the school but because there weren't a lot of people available for a rhythm section, we ended up covering that with our voices."

"You isolate all these different consonants to make drum sounds, like 'k' sounds, or 'b' sounds which make the kick drum sound," explained Matthew Baron, who focuses on vocal percussion. "Then you send a lot of air through that sound and make it really percussive."

Those Guys are working on a new EP and on May 20, they are celebrating five years together.

Three members of the a cappella band Those Guys demonstrate how to do more with less, after 7 a.m. with Marcy Markusa on CBC's Information Radio on Tuesday May 20. Don't miss their live show at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. Doors open 7 p.m. Show starts 7:30.