The mayor of Thompson, Man., is renewing calls for a detox centre to be built there, citing social problems in the city that often start with alcohol.

The Manitoba government opened an addictions treatment centre in Thompson in 2009, but Mayor Tim Johnston says that's not enough.


Thompson Mayor Tim Johnston says he wants to see a detox centre in the city where intoxicated individuals can dry out quickly. (CBC)

"If we can address the public consumption of alcohol at 4 o'clock, it likely saves the efforts of the RCMP at 11, 12 o'clock at night," he told CBC News.

Johnston said he wants to see a detox centre, where intoxicated individuals can dry out quickly.

Provincial officials say they have no plans for a detox centre, pointing to the $10-million addictions facility, which is aimed at longer-term care.

One area in Thompson where alcohol-related issues are most visible is in a downtown parking lot dubbed "Chip-In Corner" by many of the city's homeless.

Surrounding the lot is the local homeless shelter, two hotels with bars, and a liquor store.

Homeless people say they gather their money together at Chip-In Corner to purchase alcohol at the bars or the liquor store.

Thompson RCMP Insp. John Duff agrees that the northern city needs help.

"We spend a lot of time dealing with the byproducts of intoxication," he said.