Current MLA: Steve Ashton, NDP

Riding profile: Created by redistribution in 1968, the riding is located in the north of the province.

It has been NDP since then, with the exception of the 1977 election. Steve Ashton has been the MLA since 1981.

It is bordered by Rupertsland to the north and east, Flin Flon to the north and west, and The Pas to the south.

The city of Thompson was incorporated shortly before the riding's creation and is its only major urban centre. Almost half of the riding's residents live in that community.

Voter turnout

  • 2007: 39.81 per cent
  • 2003: 37.54 per cent
  • 1999: 57.48 per cent


Steve Ashton, NDP

  • Minister of infrastructure and transportation.
  • Minister responsible for emergency measures.


Population: 18,945

Average family income: $76,954

Unemployment: 12.1 per cent

  • Minister charged with the administration of the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation Act.
  • First elected to the Manitoba Legislature in 1981, he has been re-elected seven times since.
  • Was the first appointed minister of water stewardship, a department solely committed to water issues and is the only department committed to water in Canada.
  • A graduate of R.D. Parker Collegiate in Thompson.
  • Received a bachelor of arts (honours) degree in political studies at the University of Manitoba and a masters of arts in Economics from Lakehead University.
  • Has lived in Thompson since 1967.
  • Married to Hari Dimitrakopoulou-Ashton.
  • He has two children.


Ken Dillen, Liberal

  • Served as NDP MLA from 1973 to 1977 and was legislative assistant to Premier Edward Schreyer.
  • An ironworker before entering politics, he became president of one of the largest industrial unions in Manitoba.
  • Recently moved back from Saskatchewan to Thompson, where he is living and working part time.


Anita Campbell, PC Party

  • Executive director with the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre since 1993.
  • Member of the board of directors with the Manitoba Metis Federation.
  • Elected spokesperson for the Metis Women of Manitoba.
  • Member of the premier's economic advisory committee.
  • Served on the Apprenticeship and Certification Board since June 2010 and was a board member with Manitoba Status of Women.


Results from 2007 provincial election



Total votes

Percentage of votes cast

 Steve Ashton




 Kenny M. Braun




 Cory Phillips

PC Party




Political history

  • 2003: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Bill Archer by 2,759 votes.
  • 1999: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Cecil Thorne by 2,487 votes.
  • 1995: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Chuck Shobe by 2,299 votes.
  • 1990: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Loretta Clarke by 2,056 votes.
  • 1988: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Ken Collin by 1,003 votes.
  • 1986: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Ken Bigelow by 2,354 votes.
  • 1981: Steve Ashton (NDP) defeated PC Ken MacMaster by 72 votes.
  • 1977: Ken MacMaster (PC) defeated NDP Ken Dillen by 916 votes.
  • 1973: Ken Dillen (NDP) defeated PC Anna Denby by 262 votes.
  • 1969: Joe Borowski (NDP) defeated PC Tom Farrell by 936 votes. Borowski became an independent in 1972.