A recent rise in thefts from cars parked in Winnipeg driveways prompted a warning from police Tuesday.

While police provided a number of common-sense reminders — including locking all doors and windows, activating alarm systems and hiding all valuables from plain sight — they also suggested one of the main things thieves are after are garage door openers in cars.

Garage door remotes are one of the most commonly targeted objects stolen, because they may be later used to get inside the homeowners house to steal more valuable goods.

Winnipeg car break-ins

Constable Eric Hofley warned that leaving a garage door remote exposed in the car is even more risky considering many homeowners aren't locking doors connecting their garage and house. (CBC)

“If you have an attached garage and if you are not locking the man door between the garage and the home … that is just giving them further access,” said Const. Eric Hofley with the Winnipeg police.

Colette Brown has had her vehicles broken into twice. Her dog barked on one occasion, but she dismissed it.

"So now I don't tell the dog to be quiet. I look outside, I put my car in the garage," she said.

Brown said now she's more alert about potential break-ins and takes her garage door opener in at night to prevent anything else from getting stolen.

"I like to leave nothing visible in the car."

Bill Kennington said he rarely parks his car on the street.

"If I do happen to park it on the outside, I put the alarm on," said Kennington. "You always want to make sure your family is safe and your property."

Police said car owners should keep their cars parked in visible places where they’re not concealed by larger vehicles, fences or large plants.