Heavy rain near The Pas and Opaskwayak Cree Nation has residents bracing for the worst.

Thursday alone, the area received 16 millimetres of rain, swelling the Saskatchewan River.

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The area was already warned about flood waters arriving from Alberta.

The province has faced major flooding since last week, forcing major evacuations and destroying thousands of properties.

The Pas Mayor Alan McLauchlan said rain is still coming down in his town, and crews are scrambling to protect properties.

"Some places you’ve got sandbags that are two feet high because it’s a fairly high area, and then other places they’ll have to go considerably higher -- maybe six to eight feet," said McLauchlan.

Connie Wyatt-Anderson lives on a quiet road near the the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.

She said the road has become very busy since heavy rains hit the area.

"There’s a convoy of trucks and vehicles going by with sandbags galore. The river is very, very, very high. We’ve had rain for almost a week," said Wyatt-Anderson.

She fears the situation is going to get worse.

"Apparently all the water from the west hasn’t hit here yet," said Wyatt-Anderson. "I’m just seeing trailer after trailer with sandbags going. It’s crazy looking out my front window."

Wyatt-Anderson said residents have been told to expect flooding levels similar to 2011, but some elders in her community have said it could be even worse.

McLaughlan said they aren’t expecting the crest from floodwaters in Alberta and Saskatchewan until at least July 7, but it could be as late as July 15.