Rating: ★★★★

Company: Active Salad Productions, Vancouver

Genre: Play — Comedy

Venue: 7 — The Cinematheque

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Space may be the final frontier, but that doesn't mean its citizens are immune to the same workaday problems we encounter here on earth.  

Zach Zultana is a charming, somewhat disgruntled asteroid miner. Played with boundless energy by Jeff Leard, he's what Han Solo would be if he opted for a life of manual labour and punching the clock.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic performance than Leard's at this year's Fringe. In this one man show, he gleefully mashes up science fiction tropes with a not-so-subtle anti-capitalist message.

More often than not, this combination of space opera and union comedy results in hilarity. Leard makes up for a lack of special effects and a stirring orchestral score by, essentially, narrating his own big-budget screenplay. 

If Spaceballs meets Erin Brockovich sounds good to you, grab your ticket and climb aboard Jupiter Rebellion. 

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